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Restaurant/Bar Property Insurance
Restaurant Coverage
Bar/Club/Lounge Coverage
When purchasing Restaurant/Bar Property Insurance, think about the value of what is inside. You have worked to create the right atmosphere for your patrons, make sure you can maintain the integrity of your space after a loss. Property Coverage is one of the ESSENTIAL coverages for Restaurants! Coverage can be provided for the building itself, the contents of the building, improvements made to the building and glass.

PROPERTY/BUILDING: Property/Building coverage will pay for direct physical loss or damage to a covered building from a covered peril such as Fire, Theft, Windstorm, etc.

PROPERTY/CONTENTS: Property/Contents coverage will pay for direct physical loss of damage to covered unattached physical items such as tables, chairs, inventory, etc. located at the insured's premises, and caused by or resulting from any covered causes of loss, such as Fire, Theft, Windstorm, etc.

PROPERTY/TENANT IMPROVEMENT: Property/Tenant Improvement coverage will pay for direct physical loss or damage to covered attached physical property which was originally paid for by the tenant. Some items to think about when considering "property/tenant improvement" are sprinkler systems, ansul systems, ovens, booths that are permanently affixed to the structure, flooring, etc. Anything that you can't take with you when if you have to move.

GLASS COVERAGE: Glass coverage insures against glass breakage caused by all risks; fire and war are sometimes excluded. Insurance can be bought for windows, structural glass, leaded glass, and mirrors. Glass coverage can be offered with or without a deductible.

SPOILAGE COVERAGE: Spoilage coverage protects you in the event that a covered loss causes your food to spoil. If you have a lot of food on hand, spoilage coverage is a great coverage to have in place.

Purchasing the correct restaurant/bar property insurance coverage will give you peace of mind in the event of a loss!
Restaurant Coverage
Bar/Club/Lounge Coverage