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Excess Liability
Restaurant Coverage
Bar/Club/Lounge Coverage
When looking into insuring a restaurant, most owners are concerned with obtaining Property and Liability coverage. Broaden your liability limits by purchasing an Umbrella policy, and you will decrease your risk of out of pocket payments after a loss. Let us provide you with excess liability coverage.

UMBRELLA/EXCESS LIABILITY: In some cases, your primary liability limits are not enough to protect you. An umbrella or excess liability policy will provide additional limit over and above the underlying liability insurance. For example, if someone gets hurt and is suing for $2,000,000, an umbrella or excess liability would provide the additional $1,000,000 that would be needed to satisfy that judgment. If you didn't have the extra coverage - that $1,000,000 would be the responsibility of the insured to come up with on their own. The difference between an umbrella policy and an excess liability policy is an umbrella can go over other policies (like a business auto) and an excess liability will only add additional limits to your general liability.

Elevate your dining establishments' liability limits with Excess Liability in the form of an Umbrella policy!
Restaurant Coverage
Bar/Club/Lounge Coverage