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Business Loss and Theft
Restaurant Coverage
Bar/Club/Lounge Coverage
While the physical losses at a restaurant are apparent, how will you protect your earnings and finances? Business loss and theft coverages! By obtaining these types of insurance you can collect wages if your restaurant is forced to close due to a covered peril, protect yourself from employee dishonesty and theft or hold up. The below coverages provide you peace of mind that your investment will be safe from financial exposures.

LOSS OF EARNINGS: Loss of Earnings coverage will pay for the actual losses sustained due to the necessary suspension of your operations from a covered peril during a specified period of restoration. For example, if a fire causes your business to be unable to operate for 3 months while you rebuild, loss of earnings or business interruption coverage would help ease the burden of paying employees, vendors and yourself.

CRIME AND EMPLOYEE DISHONESTY: While we would like to believe everyone is honest and law abiding, the truth is that not everyone is. Crime & Employee dishonesty insurance protects your investment from the various types of crimes that a business may be exposed to such as theft or credit card fraud.

MONEY & SECURITIES: Money & Securities coverage insures theft of money & securities by holdup or theft. Coverage is on and off premise. Typically, cash money is not covered under your Property/Content policy.

CHECKROOM THEFT: Your clients trust you to protect their belongings. Checkroom Theft coverage protects your business in the event a coat or other checked personal belonging is lost or stolen.

Don't let business loss and theft become an issue at your restaurant or club; protect yourself!
Restaurant Coverage
Bar/Club/Lounge Coverage